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Corona pandemic


For us the safety of our employees, partners and customers is the highest priority. Nonetheless we are available to assist you even in these difficult times. Please note that there might be delays with deliveries. We are trying our best to minimize this risk and kindly ask for your understanding.

We wish you all the best and please stay safe 

Your a&g team




Newsletter Nov. 2019


In November 2019 a&g automation and gears GmbH achieved 28th place in the ranking for fastest growing German companies 2020 in the section machining & plant engineering. The ranking was conducted by FOCUS in cooperation with Statista.

Newsletter Nov. 2019


Since fall 2018 already, a&g employees have the possibility to get the bicycle of their dreams through their employer! With our JobRad offering we are actively supporting traffic relief and climate protection!



Newsletter Okt. 2017


During EMO 2017 we took the stage to introduce our new and innovative Produkt. The a&g servo hypoid gearbox with spur gear.

Efficiency < 93% (in contrast to worm gears with up to 40% or more loss)

Low moment of inertia

    1. No abrasion (in contrast to worm gears)
    2. Lower weight (up to 50%)

Newsletter Nov. 2016


In November 2016 a&g was nominated a top ten supplier of GF. The nomination was built on a mixture between good cooperative relations, delivery volumes, innovation and reliability as well as quality.





Newsletter Nov. 2016



Company Heller showed it´s machine called Profitrainer also on the booth of the company a&g during AMB 2016. In this machine up to 2 motor-gear units are used. The geared motor is a compact gearbox with integrated motor as well as encoder and/or brake. The characteristic of the gearbox is low backlash, high tilting stiffness and compact design.

Catalogue CGM for download:




Newsletter Jan. 2016

Advanced by Technology
Peak values for planetary gearboxes


a&g automation and gears increased the values for nominal torques for its gearboxes by up to 20%. So our gearboxes can transmit higher torques in the same available space. This means for our clients that they could possibly use a smaller size gearbox for the same torque, which reflects a much lower price. As the cost increase from one size to the other, especially in bigger sizes, could reach up to 50% the savings could be quite high.
In addition to those new specifications we are now offering also minimized backlash of <1 arcmin (as option). This is possible by case hardened and ground ring gears which allow not only the reduced backlash but also offer reduced values for noise and temperature especially under higher speed and load. Thereby the gearboxes from a&g are leading the market of automation technology.

Catalogue for download:

© Maxon motors

July 2015

Hysteresis brakes from a&g under extreme conditions

For a test bench of the company Maxon Motor AG,
a&g delivered a special version of is hysteresis brakes.
Now the brakes can work in the climate chamber with temperature of minus 150°C and a atmosphere pressure of <10-6 mbar. This reflects the extreme conditions of the planet Mars surface.

Report in German version only:

March 2015

Example new hysteresis brake HBU 7
with PLGE 50

a&g launch a new series of hysteresis brakes with integrated gear boxes. Torques up to 500 Nm as combination of various brakes together with planetary gear boxes enable an ideal layout for each individual application.


April 2014

Habor has built the 250 000th chiller

In April 2014, Habor has built its 250 000th cooler.
The impressive number of a quarter million coolers does not only show that Habor positions itself as a world market leader. It also shows the company's competence and the leading technology behind that, combined with experience and frequent cost and manufacturing optimization.